The Gospel According to Acharya S

Mi scuso per non avere tempo per tradurre o riassumere…..

Aggiungo solo i titoli dei temi trattati.


What Is God?
Is God a giant man in the sky? Does God exist?

Belief in God
Is belief in God is righteous, or ignorance of truth?

Praising the Lord
Does God need to be praised? Does He need to be worshipped?

Egotists on Earth
Should spiritual leaders be worshipped? Is God the ultimate egotist?

Speaking for God
Does anyone speak for God? Who?

God’s Word
Is the Bible God’s Word? Is there a Holy Land?

On Being Religious
Is being religious righteous and moral?

On a Wing and a Prayer
Does prayer really work? What is prayer?

Born in Sin?
What is sin? Are we all born in sin?

Eternal Life for Everyone?
Are we all immortal? Is everyone God?

Holy Days
Are holidays really holy? Did God establish them? Are they set in stone?

The Origins of Good and Evil
What are the origins of good and evil? Is there a good god and an evil devil?

The Devil is Divine
Where did the Devil come from? Who created the Devil and evil? Was it God or man?

Prophecy or Blueprint?
Is the Bible a book of prophecy? Have biblical prophecies been fulfilled?

Is Cannibalism a Religious Experience?
“He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in him.” Jesus Christ

What is a Cult?
Is a cult a religion? Is the Catholic Church a cult? Is the IRS?

Is God a Transsexual?
“God” was once “Goddess.” Did He have a sex change?

Abusing Women is Not Religion
Is abusing women “religion?” Women the world over are beaten, tortured and killed in the name of religion.

A Question of Free Will
Do we have free will? Must we give our will to God? If we do, is it really “free?”

Celebration of Life
What is the purpose in life? Let us celebrate our existence.

A Truly Sacred Scripture
What is a “sacred scripture” or a “holy text?”




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